Technology Fails

Working in technology I always have my eye out for the good, the bad and the downright ugly in technology, this rant is about the latter and the failure of many technology developers to get it right. So an example, this happens many times but I will use the most recent one as there was…

Gravy Time

Tomorrow will be Christmas in our house as we will be away for Christmas real. I made this gravy a few years ago when I found it on the web. It’s really easy to make and darn tasty. Really does take the pressure off making the gravy on Christmas Day. Just search Jamie Oliver Get…


Took this in Jasper a few months back, one goal of the new year is to pay more attention to pictures. Probably spend sometime reviewing older pictures and then try to keep on top of new ones.

December 13, 2018 2:04 PM

Jenn being a goof Jenn at the run on Sunday, was a good time with another one coming up this Sunday morning. Powered by Journey Diary.


another picture from Banff.


Took this in Jasper a couple of months ago, amazing what you can do with a iPhone these days. #iphone #jasper

1 Year On

So this is Jenn and I on a 5km run this evening, sadly I lost the details of the run on my watch as I forgot to save it. This time last year I thought I had a bad chest cold that was causing me to be breathless going up the stairs at work and…